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10/02/06 - During my research on crime in Dallas, I started looking at demographics of those who commit the crime.  In ALL major cities in America, 75 to 90% of the crime is committed by minorities.  The largest minority with one of the HIGHEST overall crime rates is the Hispanic immigrant. The rate is even higher among "illegal" Hispanic immigrants.  This is a major reason why Dallas, San Antonio, Houston and Phoenix rank #1, #2, #3 and #4 respectively, in crime per capita among cities with population over one million.  These cities all have high numbers of "illegal" immigrants.  Go to my page on ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION for more details.  CLICK HERE to go to the page.


02/05/06 - It has been three years since, in an article in the Dallas Morning News, called for a 750 increase in police, to attain the ratio of 3 police per 1000 citizens.  In 2006, Dallas has 9 fewer police than in 2003 according to an article today in the DMN on police recruitment. 

Our goal of 3 police per 1000 citizens was also endorsed by the City Council according to the DMN article today.  Unfortunately, the city did not develop a plan to hire the additional police.  It is common sense that you don't usually reach a goal unless you have a plan to attain that goal.  Dallas has a goal, but no plan to implement to achieve the goal.  The result......the city has less police today than it had over three years ago.

In 2006, even as the Dallas Police Department brags about reducing crime 5.3% from 2005 over 2004......the other major cities, with population over a million, have reduced it nearly 50% more than Dallas.  The other major cities average over 7.5% reduction from 2005 over 2004.  This leaves Dallas as the city with the HIGHEST PER CAPITA CRIME RATE IN THE NATION AMONG CITIES OVER A MIILLION FOR THE EIGHTH YEAR IN A ROW.  If preliminary stats hold up, Dallas will move up to #1 in robbery and #1 in aggravated assault and easily maintain its #1 and #2 ranking in the remaining FBI UCR crime rankings.

Three years have passed since Dallas first became aware that it had the highest crime rate in the nation among major cities over a million.  Since that time, we have fewer police and a higher crime rate.  The time for talking is over.......we need positive action.  We know what must be done.....let's do it.  The city budget calls for an additional 50 police.  That is not acceptable, we need more.......we need many more.  It is now time to hold the Mayor, the City Manager, the City Council and the Police Chief accountable.  

Setting goals without a plan to achieve those goals is not the answer....... posting park, hide & lock signs is not the answer.......taking shopping carts away from homeless people is not the answer.......other meaningless gestures & lip service from the Mayor, City Manager and City Council is not the answer.......non-response to burglary alarms is not the answer.......the Police Chief, City Manager and City Council lying to citizens via misleading & dishonest mailouts pushing verified response, paid for by taxpayers, is not the answer......hiring only 50 new cops a year is not the answerThe answer is:  hiring 500 to 750 additional police as soon as possible, followed-up with the implementation of broken window policing by the Dallas Police Department.


01/07/06 - Preliminary year end crime stats indicate that even though Dallas has reduced crime in 2005 by 5.3%, other major cities have achieved an average reduction of 7.5%.,......a reduction almost 50% greater than Dallas.  Six of the eight other major cities (population over one million) are reporting higher percentage reductions than Dallas. 

In all nine of the crime categories tracked by the FBI in their UCR (Uniform Crime Report), which is issued each year, Dallas has shown no improvement in ranking when compared to other major cities.  In fact, in the categories of aggravated assault and robbery, Dallas has lost ground and will probably wind up #1 in both categories if preliminary data is correct.  They ranked #4 and #2 respectively in those categories in 2004. 

New York City, already with the lowest crime per capita rate of all the major cities, continues its twelfth consecutive year of crime reduction.  In fact, the burglary rate per capita in Dallas is now over 600% higher than New York City.  The murder rate per capita in Dallas is over 200% higher than New York City.  

Another city to watch is Los Angeles.  Police Chief Bratton is doing for LA what he did for New York City in the 1990's.  Total crime in LA is down 14% in 2005 compared to 2004.  Unlike Dallas, Los Angeles was smart enough to reject Verified Response, after carefully researching the issue and determining that it doesn't work.

A significant reason for the overall drop in crime nationally in 2005 is the improved economy.  Like a high tide raises all improving economy results in lower crime.  Some of the drop in crime in Dallas is due to the economy and not improved policing. 

For Dallas to reduce crime.....relative to other major must begin registering double digit yearly reductions.  Sadly, this will not occur until the city council wises up and hires 500 to 750 additional police.  Until then, Dallas will continue to remain #1 in crime per capita among major cities with population over one million.

It has been more than three years since alerted the city to its record crime.  Bolton was fired in July of 2003.   In those three years, Dallas has made NO improvement in crime reduction, relative to other major citiesOverall, Dallas has actually lost ground when compared to the other major cities.  It will take more than an improved economy to see any significant crime reduction in Dallas.  

But look on the positive side........Dallas is getting a fancy new bridge and the city will save some money by not responding to commercial burglaries.  Things ain't all bad.


10/05/05 - I will be neglecting the blog page for the next few days while I continue to add to my ongoing series titled Verified Alarm Response - A Failure in Crime ReductionCLICK HERE to read the latest entry.


10/01/05 - I really cannot believe that the Mayor, Council and Police Chief are planning to implement "Verified Alarm Response" in our city.  The media and the city have spun the facts so dishonestly, I fear that this policy is going to be adopted.   If the police is approved, it will be a major mistake, justified on bogus data.

CLICK HERE to read "Verified Alarm Response - A Failure in Crime Reduction" .  This article clearly points out that in the two major cities that have adopted Verified Response, burglaries and total crime have increased well above the national average.  VERIFIED RESPONSE DOES NOT REDUCE CRIME!!! 

If it doesn't reduce crime........then why are we planning to do it?

More on that tomorrow.........


06/19/05 - The May Crime Summary was released this past week from the Dallas Police Department.  It doesn't look good for the home team. 

The total crime rate in May 2005 is 6.7% higher than May 2004.  May 2005 versus May 2004..... murder is up 25%, aggravated assault up 4.5%, burglary up 7.8%, larceny/theft up 9.9% and auto theft up .2%.

The only categories that dropped were rape (down 1.9%) and robbery (down 4.2%).

May year-to-date saw increases in murder (21.5%), aggravated assault (1.3%) & burglary (1.3%). 

May year-to-date saw decreases in rape (5.9%), robbery (2.6%), theft (3.4%) & auto theft (8.3%).

May year-to-date total crime is 2.8% less than last year, but the trend is steadily down with that figure falling every month since January from a high of over 8.0%.

The YTD average decrease in total crime for the major cities from which figures are available (Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Phoenix, San Antonio and San Diego) is 9.3% ........ this is over triple the reduction accomplished by Dallas.  Dallas is losing ground when compared to other cities.

Whatever Dallas is or is not doing....... it ain't working.  Until the city takes significant and meaningful action, Dallas will remain the city with the highest crime in the nation among cities with population over one million.  If the trend continues til yearend, Dallas will maintain and most probably lose ground to the other cities in next year's 2005 FBI Uniform Crime Report (UCR).  

This is both sad and pathetic since the solution is so simple....... increase the number of police AND adopt "broken windows" policing.  Is anybody listening?  


06/12/05 - Two years ago, in August of 2003, I stated in an editorial in the Dallas Morning News that to reduce crime in Dallas it would be necessary to hire and train 25% more police (additional 750).  CLICK HERE to read that editorial. 

CLICK HERE to read today's article in the Dallas Morning News, "South Dallas Residents Rally at Police Station".  It seems that the residents were protesting the three to four hour response to their 911 calls.  Deputy Chief Vincent Golbeck told the residents that the problem was that "the city needs between 500 and 600 more officers on the job."  Duh!!

I'm afraid, however,  that the south Dallas residents are barking up the wrong tree by rallying at the police station.  The police department is fully aware that they need more cops, but  the decision to add more police is not their call.  The residents need to be rallying at the city council meetings, not at the police station.  Only the city council has the power to increase the manpower in the police department.  There will be no significant decrease in crime in south Dallas or anywhere in the city until we get more police.

CLICK HERE to read Step #1:  Increase Police Manpower & Pay", the first article that I wrote in 12/03/03 in my series on HOW TO REDUCE CRIME IN DALLAS.   Two years later and people are finally starting to agree..... they're finally realizing that we need more police.  Better late than never I suppose.  The only problem is......saying ain't doing.  It is way past the time......we need to do it now!!! 


05/28/05 - For those of us that believe that crime is the most important issue facing our city, Jim Schutze is our most articulate advocate.  CLICK HERE to read Jim's article in this week's Dallas Observer "Rent a Cop.....Or else".

The secret to reducing crime in Dallas boils down to achieving two primary objectives......hiring more police and implementing "broken windows policing".  The second objective cannot be met without first achieving the first......hiring more police


05/15/05 - Everybody needs to make it a habit of reading Jim Schutze's weekly article in the Dallas Observer.  Jim was at the Observer back when Laura Miller worked there as a writer.  He knows her well.....the old Laura & the new Laura.  You can't fool this guy and he is watching her closely these days.  CLICK  HERE to read this week's article Kickback City

Kickback City focuses on the state's urban nuisance law and how it appears that it is being seriously abused in Dallas by persecuting honest businesses instead of being used to "shut down crackhouses, hotsheet motels and places where landlords rake in profits from crime."

Mayor Miller and several other city officials were asked to testify at a Senate committee investigating changes to the urban nuisance law to stop Dallas from misusing the law.  Schultze writes:

"Miller refused again and again to answer direct questions about her personal philosophy of crime control. Is it the city's job to control crime for the benefit of citizens and businesses, or is it the job of businesses and citizens to fight crime for the benefit of City Hall?"

"You should have seen it. Every time she got hit with a tough question, Madame Strong Mayor ducked behind the city attorney, ducked behind the police chief, said she wasn't the expert, just didn't know the specifics."

After you read the entire article, you will feel very comfortable about the voter's decision not to give this woman more power.


05/08/05 - Well, my prediction was wrong.  The vote was not even close.  The strong-mayor initiative was decisively defeated.  The big loser in the vote was Laura Miller.  Dallas citizens did not trust giving more power to a person who says one thing and does another.    I sincerely believe that the initiative would have passed if Miller had actively pursued the priorities she espoused during her campaign for mayor.

This is classic.  When the first President Bush said "Read my lips .......No new taxes" .......and then raised taxes.......he was defeated in his second run for the White House.  When Laura Miller ran for mayor she promised to "wrench City Hall away from its obsession with 'big ticket' projects and focus instead on 'the little things that make a big difference in people's lives'." *

Once she was elected mayor, she flip-flopped and began supporting "big ticket" projects such as Trinity River and did nothing to present the citizens of Dallas and the city council with significant, workable plans to reduce crime and repair streets.  In fact, the budget for repairing potholes was reduced by nearly 50% from the years during Mayor Kirk's term. 

Most of the time it seems that all she wanted to talk about was her "smoking ban" or the Trinity River Project.  She only gave lip service to reducing crime and repairing the streets.   Her mantra seemed to become:  "I just can't get anything done unless you give me more power .....unless you give me a blank check."   Bottom-line:  the citizens of Dallas spoke clearly in their vote against the Strong-Mayor initiative ....."no power to Laura Miller because we do not trust you".

Her #1 priority switched from basic city services, like reducing crime and filling potholes, to replacing a perfectly sound existing bridge across the Trinity River with an artistic $125 million-dollar suspension bridge designed by Spanish archtect Santiago Calatrava. 

If she has any credible opposition, I seriously question if the citizens of Dallas will return her to a second full term as mayor.  Strong-mayor was a referendum on Laura Miller and Laura Miller lost.

*Jim Schutze quoting & paraphrasing Laura Miller in his April 7, 2005 article in the Dallas Observer entitled:  MAYORZILLA - Inside the Monster Battle over Strong Mayor



05/07/05 - The only prediction that I will make regarding the outcome of the strong-mayor proposal is that it will be close.  If strong-mayor wins, it will be because Dallas citizens are so frustrated with the dismal performance of city government and the continuing deterioration of the city infrastucture, they now think that any change would be better than status quo.


If strong-mayor loses, it will be because many people are angry at the bait and switch tactics of Laura Miller.  Miller was elected on the promise that she would make basic city services (such as crime & street repair) the priority of her administration.  Her campaign rhetoric, her stand on issues during her years on the council, along with the many articles she penned when she wrote for the Dallas Observer, gave us all hope and a reason to believe that basic city services would indeed be her priority once she became mayor.

Reading in the Dallas Morning News today I see that murders are up 21% year-to-date compared to last year.  Dallas already ranks #2 in murders per capita among major cities with population over one million.  If the trend continues, Dallas will rank #1 in murders for 2005.  CLICK HERE to read the DMN article on the murder rate. 

During Laura Miller's first term as mayor, the budget for repairing potholes was reduced almost 50% from the previous term of Ron Kirk.  CLICK HERE to read Jim Schutze's article MAYORZILLA, where he cleverly notes that 6,250,000 potholes could be repaired (compared with 13,200/year actually repaired) for the $125 million that Miller wants to spend to build a new artistic suspension bridge designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. The new bridge  across the Trinity River would replace an existing bridge that has been declared structurally sound by state engineers.

Strong-mayor or NO strong-mayor, my fear is that high crime and potholes are something that Dallas citizens will have to live least until another person becomes mayor.   Dallas's only hope is that a future mayor, with integrity, vision, leadership skills and a plan, will go back to fundamentals and make reduction of crime and repair of the cities' infrastructure city government's highest priority. 


05/01/05 - Leon King, a resident of Swiss Avenue, said it best with his quote printed today in the Dallas Morning News when he said:  "I'm in favor of the strong-mayor proposal, but not in favor of Laura Miller being that mayor.  I'm going to pray on it tonight."  Leon summed up my sentiments exactly.  For my elaboration of the subject, read the blog comments below.

CLICK HERE to read the complete article from today's Dallas Morning News, "Is a Strong Mayor the Answer?"


04/10/05 - Strong mayor initiative, YES or NO.  Well, it I had to vote now, my vote would be NO.......but an unenthusiastic NO.   

My agenda is reducing crime.  If we had a mayor that was committed to reducing crime and had a workable plan to do so, my vote would be YES.  But, unfortunately, Laura Miller is not committed to reducing crime and she certainly has no plan to do so.   Michael Grabell of the Dallas Morning News interviewed me several weeks ago for his article entitled "Strong Mayor link to less crime?"  I told Michael that "giving more authority to Laura Miller would be equivalent to giving a driver's license to a blind man".  CLICK HERE to read Michael's article. 

Crime is not a priority with Miller, but the Trinity River Project sure is.  Her priorities today are not the priorities that she articulated to the citizens of Dallas when she campaigned for Mayor.   Miller told Dallas citizens that she would direct city hall away from "big ticket" projects and focus on "the little things that make a big difference in people's lives".  She spoke of focusing on little things...... basic little things......little things like reducing crime so that people would feel safe in their own home and would feel safe when they walk down the street in their own neighborhood.  Little things like repairing the streets....... eliminating the many potholes. 

As I have have stated many times over the last four years, New York City is experiencing a renaissance.  That renaissance is the result of one thing...... a major reduction in crime.  All things that make a city great, comes from order.  Without order a city will eventually die.  Dallas is dying.

If Rudy Guiliani was mayor, I probably would support the strong mayor initiative.  Rudy took New York City from the major city with the nation's highest crime rate to the major city with the nation's lowest crime rate in less than eight years.  Giving Guiliani more authority would make it easier for him to do what I know that he would do.  Guiliani had a vision......that vision was to reduce crime and make the city livable again.....make the city great again.  Guiliani had a plan......that plan made his vision a reality. 

Jorge Torres, a tireless activist in Arcadia Park said it best when he said:  "Strong mayor or no strong mayor, it doesn't matter.....what we need is everybody to step up to the plate and hire more officers".  I would only add "and implement broken windows policing".

It takes three essential traits to be an effective leader.  You must have a must have a PLAN to attain that VISION.....and you must have INTEGRITYINTEGRITY is necessary so that people will follow you and help you  implement the PLAN to attain your VISION.  Miller clearly comes up short in VISION, PLAN and INTEGRITY.

Jim Schutze hit a home run in his recent article in the Dallas Observer

Laura Miller made potholes the symbol of her campaign when she ran for mayor of Dallas in 2002, promising to wrench City Hall away from its obsession with "big ticket" projects and focus instead on "the little things that make a big difference in people's lives."

Fast forward to 2005:  The mayor now touts artistic Trinity River suspension bridges by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava as her "No. 1 Priority."  So what happened with the potholes?

Not a pretty picture.  According to the city's department of Street Services, City of Dallas crews were repairing an average of 19,400 potholes a year in the years immediately prior to Miller's first election as mayor.  In the period following her election, that number dipped to 13,200 -- a decline of almost a third.

One good explanation would be money.  The pothole budget was almost halved in Miller's first term, from $459,000 a year to $258,000.

Of the three Calatrava bridges Miller wants, the one over Interstate 30 alone comes in at a cost of $125 million, to replace a bridge state officials admit isn't worn out.  According to city figures, the money for that bridge would be enough to repair 6,250,000 potholes, compared with the 13,244 that got fixed in fiscal 2003-2004. -- Jim Schultze

So much for INTEGRITY, along with VISION and a PLANCLICK HERE to read Jim's complete article "MAYORILLA - Inside the Monster Battle over Strong Mayor".

CLICK HERE to read my article "IMPLEMENT BROKEN WINDOWS"  and learn how Rudy Guiliani exerted his leadership, raised taxes, increased police by 30% and made New York the safest major city in America in less than eight years. 


03/20/05 - It seems these days that bloggers, like myself, continue to run circles around the main stream media (MSM) when it comes to breaking news stories.  Unfortunately, because of their wider circulation,  the outlets of the MSM often take a news story from a blogger and post it as a headline on their publication, usually with no credit to the originator of the news story.   Today I was checking the DRUDGE REPORT on the internet and ran across a headline from the Associated Press entitled "Dallas crime rate again tops among largest cities".  The article was based on a featured article by Michael Grabell on Saturday March 19, 2005 entitled "DALLAS TOPS IN CRIME AGAIN".

If  you would have read the AP article and  then read my blog posting back on January 16, 2005 (below) you would find that I reported the basic information outlined in the AP article over two months ago.

The Associated Press article even used the comparison of the "nine largest cities with population over one million" for their analysis, along with a "crimes per capita" comparison.   The "crimes per capita" analysis and comparison of the nation's "nine largest cities with population over one million" was first used by four years ago when it first began reporting crime in Dallas.....which was two years before the Dallas Morning News first  reported in their headline new story on July 30, 2003  that "Dallas has No. 1 big-city crime rate".   The"crimes per capita" comparison adjusts for the population differences among the cities.

CLICK HERE to read Michael Grabell's front page article in Saturday's Dallas Morning News entitled "DALLAS TOPS IN CRIME AGAIN".  Michael's story does a great job of getting crime in perspective when comparing the cities.  He also uses the "nine largest cities with population over one million"  and the "crimes per capita" stats, which is the key, in my mind, to getting the crime issue in proper perspective.  Keep up the good work Michael.

They say that "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery", but it would sure be nice if the MSM would sometimes give credit as to where and from whom they obtain the ideas, concepts and perspectives for their articles.  These days, many in the MSM are simply surfing the internet and plagiarizing what they find.   The bloggers are the ones that are breaking the news......not the MSM.  As far as is concerned...... it is not that important who gets the credit .......we just want the truth to get to the public so that pressure will stay on the mayor and the council until they do something significant to reduce crime in our city.  If the MSM takes our ideas, concepts and perspective and distributes those ideas, concepts and perspective to the citizens ..... that's what we want to happen.   But ...... damn it ..... it sure would be nice to get a little credit once in a while

After all, the AP and the Dallas Morning News probably wouldn't even be running their articles this week if hadn't started it's crime analysis over four years ago comparing the "CRIMES PER CAPITA" in the "NINE LARGEST CITIES WITH POPULATION OVER ONE MILLION.  Dallas would be dying a silent death with no one aware that DALLAS HAS THE HIGHEST CRIME RATE PER CAPITA IN THE NATION AMONG CITIES WITH POPULATION OVER ONE MILLION

Until the mayor and the council wake up and take some significant steps to solve the crime problem, Dallas will continue to die.......except it's death is no longer silent......the citizens of Dallas and now the entire nation knows ...... DALLAS HAS THE HIGHEST CRIME RATE PER CAPITA AMONG CITIES WITH POPULATION OVER ONE MILLION.


Just remember ..... you heard it here first.


02/27/05 - Curtis Sliwa, the founder and leader of the Guardian Angels, was in town this week to organize a chapter of the Angels to assist the Dallas Police in dealing with street crime.  According to Rad Field, a Dallas community activist, the current President of the Dallas Police Association supports the Angels coming to our city.  CLICK HERE to read a recent article by Bob Weir entitled "Guardian Angels in America's murder capital".  Bob is a former detective sergeant in the New York City Police Department who now lives in Highland Village.

Mayor Miller has made it clear that she does not support the Angels in our city.   The Mayor never ceases to both amaze and disappoint me.   With burglaries and murders up in our city again  in 2004 and Dallas continuing to rank #1 in total crimes per citizen among the nation's largest cities (population over one million), she still refuses to take any "significant" or "meaningful" action to reverse the trend.

If I have a problem that I cannot solve, I always look to people who have had the same problem and solved it.....find out what they did......and do the same.  Crime in New York City is down again in 2004 for the eleventh year in a row.  Crime in NYC in 2004 was 72% lower than it was a decade ago.  Of the nine largest cities in the nation, Dallas ranks #1 (HIGHEST) and NYC ranks #9 (LOWEST)  in crimes per citizen.   Wouldn't it be logical to maybe look at what New York City did and see if we could learn something? 

One thing that the NYPD did was to encourage and support the Guardian Angels.  When Rudolph Giuliani became mayor in 1994, he directed officers to cooperate with the group.  The Angels were most surely a positive factor in New York's success in reducing crime.

Dallas does not have enough police.  Because of this shortage it is common for the police to take 30 minutes to respond to a 911 call while response to a residential alarm system sometimes takes hours.  Since Miller will not support a significant increase in the number of police in our city, the Angels would provide additional eyes and ears on the street and a presence that could only help.  It's a gift.  Miller also can't make the excuse that the city can't afford won't cost the city a dime!!!

Dammit Miller, if you can't lead......get out of the way. 

was leaning toward supporting the strong mayor initiative, but Mayor Miller's incompetence and arrogance keeps me from taking that position.  Giving Laura Miller more power would be like issuing a driver's license to a blind man.  It would be dangerous.   A strong mayor with a clear vision, who has a plan and who would act decisively is just what this city needs.   Miller has no vision, no plan and doesn't know what the word "decisive" means. 


01/16/05 - Today I calculated the "preliminary" per capita crime rates for the largest cities in the nation with population over one million.  The nine cities are Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio and San Diego.  The calculations were based on information currently available from the police departments of each city.  The figures will change slightly once the final numbers are checked and posted by the FBI in June, 2005.

For 2004, per capita, Dallas was #1 in total crime, #2 in murder, #3 in rape, #1 in robbery, #3 in assault, #1 in burglary, #2 in larceny/theft and #2 in auto theft

For 2003, per capita, Dallas was #1 in total crime, #3 in murder, #2 in rape, #1 in robbery, #3 in assault#1 in burglary, #2 in larceny/theft and #2 in auto theft.

Dallas maintained its position in all categories except in murder where it moved up from #3 to #2  and in rape where it moved down from #2 to #3.   In total crime per capita, Dallas did not appear to improve relative to the other cities.  Dallas did reduce crime slightly in 2004, but nationwide, crime was down even more.  New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles all reported greater reductions than Dallas.  Phoenix and Houston were the only two cities reporting any increase.

In 2004, Dallas again won the "SUPER BOWL OF CRIME" for the SEVENTH YEAR IN A ROW.  Again, for the SEVENTH YEAR IN A ROW, Dallas has the "distinction" of being the city with the HIGHEST TOTAL CRIMES PER CITIZEN among all major cities with population over one million.  #2 ain't even close.


01/14/05 - On Wednesday, I received a call from one of my security customers that owns a dollar store on Lakeland & Ferguson.  He is a young Hispanic that started his own business last year.  A very bright, intelligent and industrious young man, I might add.  He called because he wanted to have a security system installed in his mom's beauty salon on Columbia & Fitzhugh.  I had installed the security system at his dollar store when he first opened in 2004.

It seems that his mom's salon had been robbed at gunpoint by a Latino male earlier in the day.  He asked that we meet at his dollar store on Thursday morning and drive together to his mom's salon to determine what security equipment was necessary  to secure her business.  When I arrived at his dollar store, workers were completing the replacement of glass in the front door of his business.  It seems that someone broke the glass and burglarized his store about 2:30 in the morning.  Within 24 hours, both his store and his mom's store became 2005 crime statistics for Dallas.

During my discussion with his mom, I discovered that the robberies & burglaries were a weekly event in the small shopping center where she was located.  She told me of one particular lady that was probably closing seems that not a month went by without her shop being burglarized or robbed.

The final Dallas Police Department Crime Summary was released today, showing a 5.5% increase in burglary and a 9.4% increase in murder.   The burglary stats place Dallas #1 in burglaries per capita among major cities over a million in population for the SEVENTH YEAR IN A ROW.  The 9.4%increase in murder will move Dallas from #3 in 2003 to #2 in 2004 in murders.  Crime in other categories were down slightly, with total crime down overall 4% from 2003.  That's the good news.  The bad news is that most other cities reduced their crime at a greater rate than Dallas.  Therefore, Dallas will easily maintain it's 2003 rank relative to other cities in all crime categories in 2004 among the cities with population over one million, except in the category of murder.....where it will move up from #3 to #2.

I never cease to be amazed at the minority council members in this city.  Why are they not screaming for more police and for more effort by the city to fight this out-of-control crime.  It is the minority is their people who are victims of 70 to 85 percent of the crime in this city.  Dallas is half-assing this problem.  If I were a Latino or a black in Dallas......I would be mad as Hell.   


01/09/05 - An article today in the Dallas Morning News stated that the only cities in the nation with population over one million that still have the council-manager form of government are Dallas, Phoenix, and San Antonio.  Is it just a coincidence that those three cities rank #1 (Dallas), #2 (Phoenix) and #3 (San Antonio) in total crimes per citizen among the nation's largest cities with population over one million?  CLICK HERE to read the article.

I do tend to favor a strong-mayor form of government over the current council-manager form, but I cringe to think what Laura Miller would do if it was implemented.  Having more power is useless.......if you don't have a clue what to do.  Her statements and actions to date give no indication that she has a workable plan to reduce crime even if she had the power and authority.  A strong mayor form of government would work well with a Mayor Rudy probably won't with a Mayor Laura Miller.  If she only had a clue!!!  


01/07/05 - Ruben Navarrette, an editorial columnist for The Dallas Morning News, wrote an interesting article on the "immigration problem" that was published today.  Ruben partially tried to justify illegal immigration with his statement:  "What I'm waiting for is the study that calculates the amount of money that American employers and companies save each year by paying lower wages to illegal immigrants to do jobs that Americans won't do."

My statement to Ruben would be:  "What I'm waiting for is the study that calculates the amount of money that American employers, companies and taxpayers lose each year as a result of the crime committed by illegal immigrants."

I won't quote a lot of statistics until I have a better chance to research the issue, but my best guess is that crime committed by illegal immigrants is highly disproportionate to their percentage in  our society.   IIlegal aliens now make up over 25% of the federal & state prison population in the Southwest and that percentage continues to increase.  I don't think it a coincidence that the major cities (population over one million) with the highest crime rates per capita are Dallas, San Antonio, Phoenix and Houston.  These cities have high populations of illegals. 

When I was a kid, I remember from my social studies class that the Congress established a limit on the number of immigrants from each country in the world that could immigrate to America each year.  The reason this was done was to allow a reasonable time for them to assimilate into our society.  These immigrants eventually became American citizens that continue to contribute to our society and enhance our rich and diverse culture in a positive way.

The illegal immigration from Mexico of low-income, uneducated workers is happening too quickly to allow a proper assimilation into society.   In Dallas, this has contributed to the creation of a city where businesses and middle income citizens are exiting and leaving behind nothing but high crime, an uneducated & low-income population, blighted neighborhoods and a deteriorating tax base.  If a lifeboat that is designed for 50 people is overloaded with 200 people.....the boat sinks and everybody on board drowns.  Dallas is sinking.

My Irish ancestors stood in line and were processed  thru Ellis Island.  The greatness of America is that it is a land of immigrants from all nations.  It is a land of immigrants from all nations who crossed our borders and entered our country legally.  The flooding of our borders by illegal immigrants must be stopped or Texas, the entire Southwest and eventually the entire nation will very soon become, like Mexico, a third world country.  Millions of legal immigrants from all nations have built our nation into the greatest in the world, only to see this flood of illegals begin to destroy it.  This "tsunami" of illegals must be stopped......before it's too late. 


12/29/04 - For the year 2003, in the category of MURDERS PER CAPITA, Philadelphia ranked #1 with 22.8 murders per 100,000, Chicago ranked #2 with 20.4 murders per 100,000 and Dallas ranked #3 with 18.2 murders per 100,000.

Year-to-date in 2004 thru November, Philadelphia murders are down 6.0% from last year, Chicago murders are down 25.3% and Dallas murders are up 9.4%.   If these percentages hold thru December, the ranking for 2004 will be Philadelphia #1 with 21 murders per 100,000, Dallas #2 with 20 murders per 100,000 and Phoenix #3 with 16 murders per 100,000.  Chicago, drops to #4 with 15 murders per 100,000.

If this happens, Dallas will have the second highest MURDER RATE PER CAPITA among major cities with population one million or more.  #1 ranking in BURGLARIES PER CAPITA and in ROBBERIES PER CAPITA is in the bag again this contest.  For SEVEN consecutive years, Dallas will rank #1 in TOTAL CRIME PER CAPITA & BURGLARY PER CAPITA.

While murder has increased in Dallas this year by 9.4%, burglary has also increased by 5.5%.  Good news is.........all other crimes have decreased.  Bad news is.........crime overall has dropped in most other cities more than it has in Dallas.  Since these things are relative, this leaves Dallas maintaining and even strengthening  its #1, #2 or #3 ranking nationwide among the major cities in all nine crime categories tracked by the FBI for an unprecedented SEVEN YEARS IN A ROW!!

My answer to the Mayor and City Council members who tout that overall crime is down 4.0% would be "so what......its down that and more on average in most other major cities".  A rising tide lifts all boats.  With no changes made in the operation of a police department, crime always goes down when the economy improves and crime always goes up when the economy worsens.  The problem that the City of Dallas has is that "relative to other major cities, we are making NO PROGRESS".  In fact, if the murders continue at the same pace thru December, the #2 murder ranking should remove any doubt that Dallas is losing the war on crime..  People.......the mayor & council don't have a clue!!!!  It's bad enough that we have had the highest total crime and burglary rates for seven years in a we have the 2nd highest murder rate.  The city is not only "making no progress"'s losing ground.

As far as the drumbeat in the press to give the Mayor more don't give more power to someone that doesn't know what to do, who doesn't have a vision.  You wouldn't give car keys to a blind man.  You might give more power to a Rudy Guiliani, you wouldn't give more power to a Laura Miller.  Her "dynamic" programs such as "putting up signs" & "taking shopping carts away from homeless people" is the equivalent of fighting a war with "spitballs".  For starters we need more police.........a lot more police than the mayor & council are proposing.  We'll discuss that issue after the holidays. 


05/31/04 - There is an old saying that "a high tide lifts all boats".  Relating the saying to crime.....when the economy improves, the crime rate goes down.....when the economy gets worse, the crime rate goes up.  As a generalization, this is true, assuming a community makes no significant changes in law enforcement pro or con.  My take is that the minimal improvement in the crime rate 2004 year-to-date is a result of the improved economy, not the feeble efforts of the mayor, city council or police department.

The economy in the 1990's, until the very end of the decade, was quite good.  Crime rates went down an average of 50% nationwide, but not in Dallas and other major Texas cities.  CLICK HERE to view last year's Justice Department survey on the subject. 

Last year the economy began improving and the preliminary 2003 crime stats show that "total crime" per capita went down in the nation's nine largest cities except for Dallas & San Diego, where it increased.

Even though we may be seeing minor improvements in the crime rate, we must continue to compare Dallas with other major cities to accurately gauge our progress or lack of it.

In my mind, there is every indication that the crime crisis in Dallas is continuing to deteriorate.  This is no surprise since Dallas has marked time for the last year waiting for a new police chief.  Hell, you could have a damn baby and conceive another one in the time it took the city to find a new chief.  Meanwhile, almost a year was wasted, with no significant changes or programs to tackle crime.  Now that we've got Arlington's assistant city manager on board as our new chief.....let's see what happens.  I'm waiting......and watching......and will be commenting.  


05/30/04 - The preliminary 2003 FBI stats are now published on this website.  An indepth analysis will follow soon.  CLICK HERE to view the 2003 CRIME STATS now. 


05/27/04 - I have been neglecting the website for the last few months, trying to catch up with my business.  Expect to see daily input to the site in the future. 

This week, the FBI released their preliminary 2003 crime stats.  I will be analyzing the stats & publishing my comments by next week.  For the sixth year in a row, Dallas is #1 in total crime per capita and burglary per capita.  In fact, among the nine largest cities, Dallas ranks #1, #2 or #3 in all nine of the categories tracked by the FBI.

Total crime per capita fell in all nine cities except in Dallas & San Diego.   Even though total crime in Dallas is 20% higher than #2 Phoenix, its rate continues to increase as most other cities decrease with the improved economy certainly a factor.  Check back next week for a more in-depth analysis of the stats. 


12/07/03 - I have been working on the second article in my series on "HOW TO REDUCE CRIME IN DALLAS".  The actions outlined in the first article, STEP#1:  Increase Police Manpower and Pay, must be accomplished before STEP#2:  Implement Broken Window Policing can be effectively initiated.  CLICK HERE to read STEP #1:  Increase Police Manpower and Pay  With current manpower, the Dallas Police Department is not equipped to handle 911 calls in a reasonable time, let alone police misdemeanor crimes which is the main requirement of Broken Windows.  Once the decision is made to increase police manpower, a minimum of six to twelve months will be necessary to add and train the additional police required to implement Broken Windows.

Once the manpower is increased (my recommendation is a minimum of 25%), then Broken Windows Policing should net a rapid decrease in crime if New York City's experience is mirrored here in Dallas.  A friend who lived in New York City when Broken Windows was first initiated made an interesting observation as to why Broken Windows worked so well.

Most crimes are committed by a very small percentage of the population in a city.  One auto thief might average stealing four or five cars a day.....a professional burglar might hit three to four homes a day.  The professional repeaters commit most of the crimes.  Broken Windows calls for "no tolerance" for the simpliest of antisocial actions from public urination to panhandling to street prostitution to street drug selling.  In New York City, routine stopping and checking the background of these people, when they performed seemingly non-serious antisocial actions, yielded many professional criminals that were wanted for past crimes and who could be prosecuted and removed from society.  Their crimes would not be counted in future crime statistics because these criminals would be in jail.

The other effect of Broken Windows is that antisocial individuals will not continue to behave antisocially when their behavior is challenged and not tolerated.  For example:  if you have a young child that misbehaves and you refuse to punish or reprimand the child, the bad behavior will not only continue, but  will soon get worse.  If you challenge and have no tolerance for his bad behavior, soon the child will cease his bad behavior and hopefully grow up to be a well-mannered law-abiding citizen.

If antisocial individuals are allowed to urinate in public, draw graffiti on walls, play music loud in their apartment or car, sell drugs on the street, etc. and their behavior is tolerated, pretty soon the street will be full of antisocial individuals urinating in public, drawing graffiti, playing  loud music and  selling drugs on the street.  The behavior destroys the quality of life in a neighborhood as it leads to worse behavior and more serious crimes.  Pretty soon the respectable residents move to the suburbs, which leads to lowered property values, a blighted neighborhood and a reduced tax base for the city.  The above situtation is exactly what has happened to my neighborhood in the last ten years.  My townhouse has depreciated two thirds in value in that  short time.  That equates to a two thirds drop in tax revenue to the city.  And Mayor Miller says we can't afford to hire more police.

1994, the first year that Broken Windows was implemented in New York City, the crime rate dropped 15%.  From 1994 thru 2002, the crime rate dropped 64%.  This year, year-to-date, crime is 6% below 2002 levels.  Broken Windows Policing, coupled with an adequate number of police who are managed properly has been proven to work.  Unless the Mayor and the City Council have a better idea, they need to accept the New York City model ASAP.  Recent half-measures have exacerbated, not improved the situation.  The survival of Dallas as a livable city is at stake.  We cannot afford not to hire more police, increase their pay and implement Broken Windows.   


12/06/03 - When Giuliani took office as Mayor of New York City, he inherited a record $2.3 billion deficit.  One of the first things Giuliani did, even with the deficit, was to increase taxes to increase the police force by 30%.  His administration took the city from the city with the highest crime rate to the city with the lowest crime rate in eight years and left the city with a surplus of $1 billion.

Mayor Miller says we can't afford to hire more police, even though Dallas now has the highest crime rate in the nation among cities with population over one million and a police force that has over 50% fewer police per citizen than New York City (Dallas has 2.4 police per 1000 citizens & New York City has 4.9 police per 1000 citizens).  If Laura Miller, with her lack of vision, had been elected Mayor of New York instead of Giuliani, New York City would still have the highest crime rate in the nation and Dallas would be in second place.  Think about it.  CLICK HERE to read Giuliani's farewell speech as Mayor where he reviewed the history of his administration.  Maybe Mayor Miller should read that speech, too. 


12/05/03 - October crime statistics have been released by the Dallas Police Department and it doesn't look good for Big D.  Murders in October 2003 are up 64% over October 2002 while burglaries in October 2003 are up 18% over October 2002.  Murders year-to-date are up over 30%.  If the trend continues thru the end of the year, Dallas will have a per capita crime rate at least 20% higher than any other major city with population over one million.  No other city is in the league with Dallas when it comes to crime......Dallas is safely #1 for the sixth year in a row.....ain't nobody even close to catching us.  CLICK HERE to view the October and year-to-date crime statistics.

Mayor Miller and the council continues with cosmetic fixes and refuses to take the bold steps necessary to reverse the trend.  Dallas will see no significant improvement until it hires a new chief with top-notch leadership and management  skills and provides him with the resources to increase the number of police by a minimum of 25% and increase police pay to make it competitive with suburban cities

If anything, it appears that several actions taken by Mayor Miller have worsened crime, not decreased it.  The crackdown on panhandling seems to have resulted in the panhandlers breaking into homes and autos to make up for their inability to solicit funds at intersections.  One thing that New York City did, before it started cracking down on panhandling, was to provide housing and facilities for homeless people.  Also, Millers threat to fine citizens that do not lock their autos, seems stupid to citizens that are tired of having their windshields broken and had begun leaving their autos unlocked to save replacing their windshields.  Half-measures are useless.....our city needs bold action. 


11/14/03 - Mayor Miller doesn't have a clue.  Taking away shopping carts from homeless people and penalizing crime victims when she should be penalizing the criminals is absurd.  She reminds me more of Martha Stewart everyday......everything she does is bullshit and cosmetic......we need more police and we need to increase the pay of the ones that we have so we can keep them.  CLICK HERE to check out Mark Donald's article in this week's DALLAS OBSERVER entitled CRACK ALLEY


10/12/03 - Unless someone tells me differently, it seems that Mitch Rasansky, my council member, was the only city council member to vote against  delaying the police raise.  Mitch appears to truly understand the severity of our crime problem and  consistently votes that way.  I want to personally thank Mitch for his courageous stand. 


09/17/03 - According to my sources, as expected the city council did indeed delay the promised police raise for 8 to 10 weeks.  This action shows their complete lack of understanding of the severity of the crime problem and their complete ignorance of what to do about it.  This is sad, but because of their incompetence and/or lack of courage, the citizens of Dallas will see further deterioration in our city and  in our quality of life.  Unless a miracle occurs, Dallas is well on its way to becoming another third-world city like Detroit, Newark and St. Louis.  To put the issue in perspective, it is now probable, if the current trend continues, that more people will be murdered this year in the city of Dallas than American soldiers will be killed policing the entire country of Iraq.

I placed over ten phone calls to the mayor's office and to several city council member's office and no one could or would tell me whether they voted for or against the delay.   I will obtain that information and will post it on this blog page.  You need to know how your mayor and your city councilman voted on this issue.  Pray for our city and pray that God sends us a leader.  At this point, a prayer is all we have. 


09/14/03 - With low police morale,  manpower 50% below the national average and police resigning faster than they are hired,  on Monday, our city council will consider delaying the scheduled 5% police pay increase.  If they were with the program, they would be doubling the raise, not delaying it.  Looks like Bolton wasn't the only incompetent player in this soap opera that  led Dallas to its current crime crisis.  At this point I seriously question if political leadership in Dallas is capable of tackling this issue.  I hope that I am wrong but it appears that nobody at City Hall has a clue what to do.  I'll give them a clue.....check out STEP #1 below.  Dallas deserves better......much better.   


09/07/03 - This weekend we posted the first article in the series "HOW TO REDUCE CRIME IN DALLAS" entitled STEP #1:  Increase Police Manpower & Pay.  The next article entitled STEP #2:  Implement Broken Window Policing will be posted 10/27/03.  CLICK HERE to read the article. 


09/06/03 - Let's all thank God that he planted Jim Schutze here in Dallas.  The good Lord knows that Dallas needs all the help it can get these days.  Jim, a senior staff writer at the Dallas Observer, always seems to cut thru the "political correctness" that prevents one from communicating and provides us with a weekly dose of reality and perspective.  Check out Jim's article TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE.  Our city-manager form of government is failing us big time.  Its time to take a look at making a change and putting someone in charge. 


09/05/03 - Last Friday in the Dallas Morning News, I outlined a program to confront high crime in Dallas.  One suggestion was to increase the size of the police force by 25%.  City Council member Mitch Rasansky seems to have come to the same conclusion.  According to an editorial in the DMN on Thursday, September 4, Rasansky has proposed the hiring of 700 additional police within the next five years.  This increase is fundamental to any serious attempt to confront the current crime crisis.  In fact, the first step taken by New York City in the early 1990's was to increase the NYPD by 30%.  I would suggest, however, that the hiring be accomplished within two years, not five. 

Another issue that needs to be addressed is police morale.   It is essential that we maximize the effectiveness of existing policeA significant pay increase, linked to improved performance & accountability, will improve attitudes & productivity and also stop the loss of police to the suburbs.  The hiring of additional police will accomplish nothing if they continue to quit at a rate higher than they are hired.  Way to go Mitch, at least one City Council member is providing positive leadership on this important issue. 


09/01/03 - For those of you that are serious about learning more about how New York City reduced crime in the 1990's, you might want to read the Manhattan Institute of Policy Research report, "Do Police Matter?  An Analysis of New York City's Police Reforms".  This excellent study provides some guidelines for Dallas to follow to reduce crime.  Whatever New York City did, it worked.  We would be wise to take a close look at their playbook.  CLICK HERE to read the report. 


09/01/03 - The publication of "HOW TO REDUCE CRIME IN DALLAS" has been delayed until Monday, September 9, 2003.  Until then, CLICK HERE to read my comments published on the editorial page of the Dallas Morning News 08/29/03.  The article, "What should we expect from our new chief" provides a preview of  the upcoming "HOW TO REDUCE CRIME IN DALLAS". 


08/30/03 - When we launched nearly two years ago, we posted an editorial from the Wall Street Journal entitled  HOW GIULIANI & THE NYPD SLASHED CRIME IN THE BIG APPLE.  That editorial provides the best accounting that we've seen of what was done to make New York City the "safest major city in the nation".  New York City has provided Dallas with a blueprint that can save our city.   If we can accomplish what New York City did, Dallas will literally witness a renaissance.  CLICK HERE to read the editorial. 


08/29/03 - This week the Dallas Morning News asked several citizens for our comments to the question "What should we expect from our next chief?"  The responses were printed  Friday, August 29, on the Viewpoints Page of the Editorial section.  CLICK HERE to read my take on the question.  I want to thank Jim Frisinger and others at the DMN for their continuing excellent coverage of the "crime issue".  They are providing an invaluable service to our city.


08/28/03 - No matter how many times the supporters of Terrell Bolton shout "racism" as the reason for his removal as Dallas Police Chief, it won't make it so.   Bolton was removed for incompetency.  Unfortunately, blacks and Latinos were the primary victims of his incompetence, since minorities are crime victims at much higher rates than whites.  According to Bolton's own  department's statistics, of the murders committed year to date in Dallas, 84% of the victims were blacks and Latinos.

To be perfectly candid.....if Bolton had been white, he would not have lasted a fact, the city manager delayed making the call for four years because Bolton was closed.  Let's concentrate on getting a new chief that will get the job done and get crime until control for all citizens, regardless of the color of their skin.   


08/26/03 - Bolton had to go.  He was not competent enough to hold the position.  A man with responsibility for the security and property of over a million people should have understood how his city compared with other cities across the nation when it came to crime.  He had to understand that crime in Dallas would eventually be compared to crime in other cities. To the end, he would not acknowledge nor did he understand that crime in Dallas was and is the highest in the nation among major cities of like population.   It has been that way for over FIVE years.  His statement when the crime issue erupted last month was "there's not a person in Dallas that believes that crime is higher in Dallas than it is in New York City."   That one statement alone proved his lack of competency.   

One other statement that Bolton made was  "'re whistling Dixie if you think the police chief can have some impact on a crook or hoodlum that goes into a convenience store and pulls a gun on a clerk."   No honest, objective and competent person can look at what New York City accomplished in the 1990's and make that statement.  New York City police reduced crime over 60% in less than eight years!!!  Number of robberies dropped from 85,737 in 1993 to 27,127 in 2002!!!  Murders dropped from 1927 to 584!!!  Bottom line......if a man thinks something can be done, he can do it......if a man thinks something can't be done, he can't do it.  From his statements, Bolton appears to believe that he can't do what he was hired to do...... protect Dallas citizens from crime.  Dallas wasted four years while Bolton was chief.  He should never have been appointed in the first place.  He had to go.  In the end, it was all about competency. 


08/24/03 - Review the Annual Survey by the Bureau of Justice Statistics released Sunday, August 24, 2003 by visiting


08/24/03 - Today, the Justice Department published its annual survey on crime statistics and reported that overall crime has decreased nationwide over 50% in the last decade to its lowest level in 30 years.  Unfortunately, Dallas and other major Texas cities did not participate in this significant decrease in crime.  CLICK HERE to view's analysis of the survey.


08/15/03 - Darrell Ankarlo will be talking with Calie Stephens, editor of, Monday morning at 8:05 AM on KLIF Talk Radio.  Tune in to get Calie's take on the high crime rate here in Dallas.  You can listen on-line by linking to .  


08/13/03 - Today we posted Rudy Giuliani's last speech as Mayor of New York City on our website.  In the speech, Rudy addresses the highlights of his term as mayor from 1994 thru 2001.  He discusses the steps taken to reduce the crime rate in NYC from the highest in the nation to the lowest in the nation among major cities with population over one million.  Mayor Miller would be wise to learn from Giuliani and apply the lessons learned to the current crime crisis in Dallas.  CLICK HERE to read Giuliani's speech.