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TOM TANCREDO, U. S. REPRESENTATIVE FROM ARIZONA, PROPOSES "A New Strategy for Control of Illegal Immigration"


"It is increasingly evident that there is a sharp disconnect between the political elites in the nation's capital and the values and concerns of average citizens on the issue of illegal immigration."  Thomas Tancredo, United States Representative from Arizona


During my many years of research on crime in Dallas, I have analyzed the demographics of those groups who commit the most crime.  The research revealed that Hispanics, especially "illegal" Hispanics, commit a much higher and disproportinate percentage of the crime than the population in general.  It is no coincidence that Dallas, San Antonio, Houston and Phoenix rate #1 thru #4, respectively, in crime per capita among the major cities.  All these cities have high numbers of "illegals".

The research also led me to discover that "illegals" are  profoundly damaging our nation in many other ways.  The influx of "illegals" into our country threatens our way of life and the very survival of our nation.  Please read of my concerns below and provide your feedback on the recommendations.

Calie Stephens

Calie Stephens - Editor of dallascrime.com




Millions of people have illegally entered and now currently reside in the United States.  Most of these "illegals" are poor and uneducated.  A very high percentage are criminals.  Meanwhile, millions of law-abiding and educated people from countries around the world patiently wait for years to gain entry into America, legally.

Illegally entering this country is against the law.  Millions of "illegals" have obtained and are using fraudulent social security numbers.  This is a felony, for which an American citizen would expect prison time and a substantial fine, but for which an "illegal" immigrant would be exempt under the proposed "comprehensive" Senate Immigration Bill.

The mainstream media, politicians looking for votes and employers who hire "illegals" for their cheap labor have perpetuated a "lie" which is now accepted as fact by a majority of the American public.  Sadly, it is a "lie" that is regularly repeated by President Bush. That "lie" is: "Illegal" immigrants, with their hard work and cheap labor rates, contribute more to American society than they take."  That is a lie.  It is simply not true.

The cost to the law-abiding American taxpayer to educate the children of "illegals", provide health care for the "illegal" and his family, provide welfare for the "illegal" immigrant family and incarcerate the "illegals" who now make up 20% of the population of Federal prisons, far exceeds the savings to society for the goods and services provided by "illegals".

It costs an average $8000 per year to educate a child.  Mexican immigrants average 3.5 children per household.*  The birthrate among Hispanics is the highest of any major ethnic group in the country.  Many "illegals" pay NO taxes while others pay very little taxes.  Few pay enough taxes to educate even one of their many children.  That cost is borne by Americans who pay taxes to educate their own children as well as the children of the "illegals".

Our hospital emergency rooms are overflowing with "illegals" who do not pay for their medical care.  Parkland Hospital in Dallas reported that 70 percent of the women who gave birth there in the first three months of 2006 were "illegal" immigrants.  According to a recent survey this year, the typical patient at Parkland is a 25 year old "illegal" Hispanic female having her second child at taxpayer's expense.** That cost is borne by American citizens who pay for their own health insurance as well as higher taxes to pay for the medical care for the "illegals".

A Mexican immigrant family is 50% more likely to be on welfare than a native-born American citizen.  14.8% of native American households receive some form of welfare benefits, while 30.9% of Mexican immigrant households receive welfare benefits.***  Even though "illegals" are barred from using welfare programs, "illegals" often make use of such programs, mainly by receiving benefits on behalf of their native-born children.

Not only do Mexican immigrants use welfare programs at higher rates than native Americans, their use of the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is also substantially higher than that of American citizens.  Only 13.1% of American citizen households receive the EITC benefits while 49.2% of Mexican immigrant households receive the benefit.  With an annual cost of $32 billion, the EITC is the nation's largest means-tested cash assistance program for workers with low incomes.  Persons receiving the EITC pay no federal income tax and instead receive cash assistance from the government based on their earnings and family size.  This program encourages larger families, since more children mean higher benefits.  Because of the larger family size of the Mexican immigrant, their average payment is much higher than the native American who receives the EITC benefit.

The top four major cities in crime per capita are Dallas, Houston, Phoenix and San Antonio.......all cities with high percentages of "illegal" immigrants.  According to the Department of Justice, one in five prisoners in our Federal prisons are "illegal".  The cost to incarcerate these prisoners averages tens of thousands of dollars per prisoner per year.  That cost is borne by Americans who are victims of the "illegal's" crimes.

The "five to ten cents" savings on a head of lettuce, picked by an "illegal", is quickly offset and exceeded by all of the costs to society, listed above, that can be attributed to the "illegal".

This is NOT an immigration problem.  This is an "illegal" immigration problem.  Do not let anyone convince you that myself and others like me are against immigrants.  The vast majority of citizens of America, including myself, are immigrants or ancestors of immigrants who "legally" entered the country and "legally" earned their citizenship. 

I am Irish.  My ancestors entered "legally" thru Ellis Island and like many Mexicans today, took low paying and menial jobs.  The "legal" Irish immigrants eventually worked hard, played by the rules and entered the mainstream of American life.  John Kennedy, a descendant of Irish immigrants, became President.  But unlike the "illegal" Mexican, the Irish immigrants obeyed our laws by "legally" entering our country and "legally" earning their citizenship.

The only groups that benefit from "illegal" immigration are the "illegals" themselves, the employers who profit from the "illegal's" cheap labor and the politicans who pander for their votes.  Their gains are at the expense of the law-abiding American citizen who pays his taxes and at the expense of his children, who will be saddled in the future with higher and higher taxes to support the social services required by this new and growing "welfare" class of tens of milllions of uneducated and poor "illegals". 

If "illegal" immigration is not quickly and thoroughly contained, the damage to our nation will soon become irreversible.  "A DEFINITIVE IMMIGRATION BILL FOR THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA", that proposes a common-sense policy to fairly and justly address the issue of "illegal" immigration, is described below.

President Bush and others who do not favor and do not intend to aggressively enforce our borders or our laws have set up a straw man, as they keep telling us that "we simply cannot deport twelve million people".  No reasonable proponent of controlling our borders has suggested that. 

The proposed bill does not require mass deportation of "illegal" immigrants.  'Illegals" who voluntarily identify themselves will be allowed to continue working in this country for a minimum of two years, unless they have a criminal background or do not provide proof of employment. 

In fact, they can continue to apply for successive work visas, as long as they obey our laws and maintain employment.

However, if they wish to become citizens.......before they can apply for citizenship, they must first return to their native country and prove their ability to speak, read and write English.  Children of non-citizens will no longer automatically become citizens, unless at least one of their parents is a citizen at the time of their birth.

Read "A DEFINITIVE IMMIGRATION BILL FOR THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" carefully and e-mail me at editor@dallascrime.com with your comments.

Calie Stephens

Calie Stephens - Editor of dallascrime.com

*  CLICK HERE for CIS stats on birthrates among different ethnic groups

** CLICK HERE to read Dalllas Morning News article on illegals at Parkland

***CLICK HERE for CIS stats on welfare demographics

CLICK HERE to read Manhattan Institute article in the City Journal by Heather McDonald on the high birthrates out of wedlock among Hispanics....three times greater than whites and Asians and one and a half times greater than blacks



(Bill #1USA)

Bill #1USA, will be implemented, beginning on the date of passage by the Congress and its approval by the President of the United States:

1.  Station 20,000 military troops on the southern border of the United States with Mexico.  If necessary, remove troops from Western Europe, South Korea or any other less critical area of the world.  Troops must be in place no later than one month after passage of this bill.  Once all troops are in place, immediately stop all illegal entry into the United States and begin construction of a combination of actual and virtual fencing to allow for the eventual reduction of manpower necessary to prevent illegal entry.  Immediately after troops are stationed at the border, begin training border agents to replace the military troops.  Border agents will be hired and trained at a rate necessary to allow full replacement of all military troops within two years.

2.  Allow all "illegals" presently in the United States, six months from the date of passage of this bill to register at any Post Office office where they will be fingerprinted and photographed.  Within six months after registration, a criminal background check will be completed and status will be .   Any "illegal" who does not register within the six months will be charged with a felony will be subject to immediate deportation and will not be eligible for future entry into the United StatesWithin six months after registration, a criminal background check will be completed and status of the "illegal" will be determined.

a.  If the "illegal" passes the criminal background check and provides proof of employment in the United States, he will be issued a tamper-proof identification card and a two-year work visa.

b.  If the "illegal" fails the criminal background check or does not provide proof of employment in the United States, he will be immediately deported to his native country.

c.  Any deported "illegal" re-entering the United States will be sent to federal prison for a mandatory term of two years with no chance of parole.  That term will be doubled each time the "illegal" re-enters the United States.

3.  Six months after the passage of this bill, all non-citizens who do not have a valid tamper-proof identification card and work visa will be detained, photographed, finger-printed and deported to their native country.  No exceptions.  Any deported "illegal" re-entering the United States will be sent to federal prison for a mandatory term of two years with no chance of parole.  That term will be doubled each time the "illegal" re-enters the United States. 

4.  Six months after the passage of this bill, any employer who hires anyone, except an American citizen, who does not have a valid tamper-proof identification card and a work visa, will be fined $5000 a day per illegal employee.  Repeated employer violators will be subject to mandatory criminal penalties, including prison.

5.  Six months after the passage of this bill, anyone who is found guilty of producing or using fraudulent identification cards, work visas or Social Security cards will be imprisoned for a minimum of five years in a federal prison with no chance of parole.

6.  All American citizens will be issued a tamper-proof identification card within two years of the passage of this bill.

7.  Pass a law or constitutional amendment, if necessary, to prevent children of non-citizens from automatically becoming citizens if they are born in the United States.

8.  When work visas expire, non-citizens must return to their native country.

9.  After returning to their native country, any non-citizen who has not been convicted of any crime and can provide proof of employment awaiting him in the United States, may apply for permission to re-enter the United States on a new two-year work visa.  Yearly quotas establishing the number of work visas issued will be determined by the Congress of the United States.

10.  Non-citizens, currently in the United States illegally, will not be allowed to apply for American citizenship without first returning to their native country and re-entering the United States legally.

11.  Anyone outside the United States can apply for a two-year work visa.  Visas may be issued if applicant passes a criminal background check, provides proof of employment awaiting him in the United States, falls within quota limits determined by the Congress and meets other requirements yet to be determined.

12.  Any non-citizen who works in the United States must pay all taxes and fees that are currently being paid by citizens of the United States except Social Security and Medicare taxes.  He will not be eligible to collect any Social Security or Medicare benefits based on his employment income as a non-citizen. 

13.  "Legal" non-citizens may apply for driver's licenses that will identify the license holder as a non-citizen.  Issuing of licenses are contingent on license holder having liability insurance on his vehicle.  Any non-citizen who drives without a valid driver's license and/or liability insurance, will be deported and will not be allowed future entry into the United States.

14.  Non-citizens will obey all federal, state and local laws and regulations while in this country.  Any non-citizen who is convicted of one felony or two or more misdemeanors will be deported to his native country and will not be allowed future entry into the United States.

15.  All government documents, including ballots, shall be printed in English only.  Non-citizens cannot apply for citizenship without first passing a standardized test verifying their ability to speak, read and write English.

16.  Only citizens of the United States who have never been convicted of a felony are eligible to vote.  Before voting, all eligible citizens must present their identification card.

17.  Non-citizens will not be given any special benefits or privileges not currently available to American citizens.

18.  Non-citizens do not qualify for any welfare assistance.  Emergency health care is the only exception.  Any non-citizen who attempts to fraudulently collect welfare benefits will be deported and will not be eligible for future entry into the United States.

19.  The Congress of the United States will adequately fund this bill to insure its complete and thorough implementation.

20.  Allowing non-citizens to work in America is to be legally considered a privilege, not a right, that is conditionally granted to non-citizens by the citizens of the United States of America

Calie Stephens

Calie Stephens - Editor www.dallascrime.com - September 9, 2006


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